Do you really need another marketing course?


There are many, many ways to market a business. Stop trying to learn them all and partner with someone that can guide you the rest of the way.


Get Connected With Me!

Working with a consultant has it's advantages

Project Management

Projects can increase in complexity and finding the right skilled labor is part of our fulfillment. We manage our relationships with skilled contractors as part of the relationship.

Lean Pricing

Managing growth and running a profitable consultancy is the only way to pass pricing benefits to my clients. Keeping my overhead costs low allows me to offer a more competitive pricing structure for my clients.  

Personal Attention

Where larger firms assign account managers to manage their business relationships, I deliver personal service and increase relationship value by understanding my clients challenges intimately. 

Tony Robbins

"Setting goals is the first step to turning the invisible to the visible."

Who are my ideal clients?

You are more than likely a (Small) Business Owner or a (Small) Business Marketing professional - someone that was put in charge to handle the marketing activities for your company.

You are more than likely in the health and wellness, non-profit, or specialized services industry and sell services or products with above 30% margins with actual budget for marketing above $2000 a month.

My sole job is to make you look good and increase your business revenue and exposure to your brand. 

The Value of Consultations

Testing and iteration is a fundamental process I put all my clients through so we don't waste our time going down a path of no return. This is where I bring value to most organizations - through strategy consultation.

I want to offer you an initial consultation at no charge! Why? Because I want to have a real business conversation about what works and doesn't work with actual proof that I can provide such as competitor reports and analysis and actual marketing strategies you should be pursuing based on your industry and what buyers are responding to.

You get to keep my personal blue print strategy -  totally for FREE!

What do I get out of it? Funny you should ask. I learn. I study what your responses are like, your buyer avatars, your market competitors and positioning. This helps me focus on more clients in your place that I can tailor my messaging to in other marketing efforts.

Disclaimer: Of course I hope to attract you to work with me but it's not my main objective. Plus, it's a form of networking because more than likely you will know someone that would be a perfect fit to work for and I get to provide some insight to help you as well.