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Where are you in your website design process?

I am just starting.......

"I need help getting started on the cheap!"

I have a design template

 "I found an awesome template and need someone to build it."

I need some changes

 "I have a website an need to make changes on the site every now and then."

I need some support

"I have a website and need someone to take it over with regular technical and design support."

Tony Robbins

"Setting goals is the first step to turning the invisible to the visible."

My Portfolio

Adhoc Digital Marketing Services

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    Video Ads Creative Services
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    Podcast/Webinar Support
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    Simple Logo Design
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    Content Management and SEO
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    Marketing Funnel Development
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    Email Marketing Services
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    Social Media Management Services
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    Creative Graphic Design

Financial Services

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    Personal Finance 101
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    Retirement Education
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    Saving for College
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    Life Insurance Needs
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    Retirement Investment Strategies
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    Financial Needs Assessments
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About Oscar Quiroga

I remember starting to design websites in the 90's (ouch....did I just date myself?!).  I started with Microsoft Front Page 98!

Man, things have changed. I really love connecting with people and their business ideas. I have always admired people that can take business concepts to the market and succeed. 

When I am not strapped to my laptop somewhere or at my home office, I am usually huddled up with my wife and dogs - (waiting for one of our teenage kids to come home!)

I love to cook, play the guitar or piano, and watch most sports - especially futbol soccer! I am fluent in spanish and a 1st generation latino from an Argentine and Mexican background. 

I can design most anything on WordPress and most other simpler platforms like Squarespace or Weebly. I am also a Hubspot partner and can support any of their marketing systems and websites. I work with other front and back end developers to get some of my more detailed projects off the ground.