About Oscar Quiroga and Q&A Solutions

I remember starting to design websites in the 90’s (ouch….did I just date myself?!).  I started with Microsoft Front Page 98!

Man, things have changed. I really love connecting with people and their business ideas. I have always admired people that can take business concepts to the market and succeed.

When I am not strapped to my laptop somewhere or at my home office, I am usually huddled up with my wife and dogs – (waiting for one of our teenage kids to come home!)

I love to cook, play the guitar or piano, and watch most sports – especially futbol soccer! I am fluent in spanish and a 1st generation latino from an Argentine and Mexican background.

I can design most anything on WordPress and most other simpler platforms like Squarespace or Weebly. I am also a Hubspot partner and can support any of their marketing systems and websites. I work with other front and back end developers to get some of my more detailed projects off the ground.

Why Financial Services?

We live in a time where many people are living paycheck to paycheck AND with debt. Young people have student loan debt right out of college, people have to work more than one job to pay credit card debt, and many others suffer financial ruin due to something as simple as getting injured walking to their mailbox in the snow.

Who is looking out for them? Most financial planners and guides direct their services to the wealthy with large portfolios and wealth accounts.

The truth is no one is helping the middle class deal with their financial struggles. Families and individuals with middle income wages are left to fend for themselves and most often to their demise.

If you know of anyone that needs sound financial planning and an opinion of their financial situation AND options - PLEASE refer them to contact me. You can reach me via chat or fill out my contact form. I will respond within 24 hours. 


What do you struggle with the most?

Most business owners know their value offerings. They just need someone to understand them.


You can figure most of the marketing pieces if you only had time to do it all


You can find out how to do most marketing online but are unsure what are safe practices.


If there is not a clear way to get it done you would rather not attempt to take on the project.


There are so many ways to arrive at the same place. How do you know which is the best option?


If you could only have someone you could work with to guide you with no long term commitments.


How can you know for sure that your marketing investments will pay off? What ways are there to accurately measure your efforts?