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Being in the home services industry can be one of the most rewarding businesses to own for 2 reasons:

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    You fix problems that people NEED to have fixed
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    Your solutions will always be a NEED as long as people own homes or buildings - right?

So think for a minute how do you get new customers? If your answer is referrals - this may work for now but what happens when your referrals dry up (and eventually they will).

Or maybe you have ads out in different mediums - like the yellow pages, newspaper ads, billboards, radio ads, - in other words, traditional marketing.

Can you tell if your ad is bringing you business or do you consider it a needed expense? Ask yourself this, what would happen if you shut that ad off - would you see less sales?

Oscar R. Quiroga - Founder/Consultant


If you were your own customer with an automotive need, where would you go to find a good service shop or provider? 

If you were your own customer with home services need, where would you go to find a good provider?

Today, people are doing one of 2 things - guaranteed based on digital marketing research:

  • They are searching for you online - think Google or Bing
  • They are asking their friends. How? Mainly Facebook or another popular social media platform

The truth is, all home services offer very similar choices - and most people are aware of this. So the challenge is two-fold:

  • Your messaging needs to be more convincing than your competitor
  • You need to have more eyes on your messaging than your competitor

Not all home services can compete with big brands - or can they?

The truth is, big home services offer the same services that you do.

The problem is you are competing on price AND you are using out-dated marketing that sinks your costs and does not allow you to be more innovative with your messaging.

If we have established that messaging is key, then how easy is it to change that GroupOn placement, billboard or newspaper ad, or even that radio ad. What’s more, how easy is it to know how each ad performs and on which platform?

Digital marketing offers 2 distinct advantages:

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    Easily trackable
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    Easy modification of messaging and variety

In order to compete, you need to know what advertising works and you need to be able to change your messaging anytime you need to.

Agencies will offer you this service but be careful - they tend to offer templated marketing that may not be suited for your ideal buyers. 

In order for your messaging to work, you need to be able to:

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    Track your ads often
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    Modify your messaging often enough and test it to understand what ads work and what ads do not work.

What you will get with my initial consultation:

Call me today for a no-pressure consultation. All my initial conversations are about learning about your business and offering you tips on what I would do to market your business. I will even check out your 3 top competitors and show you what they are probably doing online to leverage for more of the market share.

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    Learn how to use digital networks to market your business
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    Discover marketing trends your top 3 competitors are using
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    Understand how your business is set up today with detailed analytics and metrics from online reporting tools we use for our own clients