Why Veterinarian Clinics Should Create Better Youtube Channels

I want to pull back the curtains and describe why I wanted to put together a piece about veterinarian clinics and YouTube channels. I own two dogs - one of them is an English Bulldog and the other is Shiba Inu. They are both close to two years of age and are actually both asleep here at my feet as I write this blog.

I've owned dogs in the past but in my older age, I am more conscious of being a better pet owner. In doing that, I found out that I had a lot of questions.

I have a great veterinarian and someone who provides a great service and has a great facility.

But I find as a consumer, that I have all these questions and I don't have a way to ask my veterinarian nor do does my veterinarian have use a platform to answer some of the questions I have I have for owning these dogs.

What I do for companies and small businesses, is I help them put together YouTube channels or content marketing pieces that are going to help them bring awareness.

I'm sure that I'm not the only consumer that has questions.

I would love for veterinary clinics out there to put together better YouTube channels.

I've come across a lot of YouTube channels in researching veterinarian Youtube channels.  Some of these channels are owned by veterinary clinics but others are just people wanting to show what they know about animals.

I have no idea whether these are seasoned professionals or whether these are people who read a book and then create a video to put on YouTube. I have no way to tell where the value of this context coming from but it's the only thing out there available to answer my question.

I like to consume videos. It's also very. very popular. You can also write blog articles too. However, I don't have a lot of time to read articles. I also love a good podcast that also has this type of information.

One thing that is of less value are channels that veterinarians are putting in a format that does not appeal to me. I am curious how many people are in my position who own dogs and who are busy professionals?

The advice I would give if I opened a veterinarian clinic

1. Put together your Buyer Persona. There is a tremendous value in putting together a good YouTube channel but first, you should segment your audience and create a Persona.

We call these Buyer Personas or Customer Avatars. There may be several of these but make sure that they're identified in your content marketing process.

For instance, I'm a busy male professional who owns dogs and one of my challenges might be spending quality time with my pet.  I might have other various types of issues but that's one of my predominant challenges - spending quality time with my pet.

When you know what my problem is there is your clue to produce content for me. I see a lot of people put together content for their own interests. Some veterinarians put out content they feel THEY would like to consume when in reality we should be putting together content that we know that our audience wants to listen to.

2. Build a brand audience. Building the brand audience and creating topics for that Persona is important so that we can identify people with these issues.

We do this using a method called Pillar Content Marketing.  

I realize that veterinary clinics are very busy. I know veterinary clinics and veterinarians are busy doing what they're supposed to, which is treating animals. However, in order to grow a good brand audience and deploy marketing to, the content needs to be there.

The Pillar Content Marketing method is a systematic approach to creating and distributing your content on social channels. It's an in-depth systematic approach to content development focusing on pillar pieces of content as the value point.

For all the veterinarians out there, if you have questions please respond to this blog. I put together a video as a supplement to this article. I encourage you to watch and comment on it and leave me your opinions.

I would love to interact with you because that's part of the process which is to create discussion around the need for having better content for pet owners in general. If you have any other questions, I would love to help.

I hope you have a great day and enjoy the rest of your evening. Thanks for reading!