Light Content Services


Light Content Services


This service is recommended for owners and offie managers interested in testing what our content looks like and how it performs in their social feeds.

Creating blog articles alone is not enough. People need quick and short content pieces in social feeds to be reminded to act on the information you are writing about. We know that Micro Content is valuable because we have tested it and it works. Seeing is believing. Test out our services to see how your audience engages!

To take advantage of this testing service you need the following:

  • An active website with the ability to add a blog section to your site

  • An active Youtube account or Facebook Business page (we can help set that up at no cost)

  • A social media manager or someone on staff to post our content

Don’t have one of these services? We can help fill in the gap with our ancillary services!

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What we will deliver for $800 per month

By purchasing this service, you are pre-paying and guaranteed to have the creative delivered to you on the schedule set on our boarding call.

Our first call will cover our 90 day strategy session where we will cover:

  • Monthly goals for 90 days

  • How we plan to map your content

  • Your monthly plan

  • Your weekly plan

  • Your tracking and measuring plan

Each week we will deliver:

  • 1 - 300 word blog post with a social image and keyword focus = Total 4 articles for the month

  • 1 - Social video summary including all social graphics and video stock, text summary from the blog, and music including your corporate logo for branding = Total 4 videos for the month.

  • 3 - Social Sharing Image quotes from the article = 12 total social images including your corporate logo for branding

  • 1 - Weekly social content report and monthly summary

Please fill out the required form when purchasing. You will be asked for your blog article links. I will be calling you within 48 hours to go over any requirements and initial design requirements. This call will only take 30 minutes and will only be to be done ONCE. I will save all set up work and templates for any future design work we do for you in the future.