Digital Ad Management


Digital Ad Management

  • Full ad management

  • Ad placements in Facebook, Instagram

  • Search Advertisements in major search engines

  • GEO Fencing Services

  • Re-targeting Services

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  • Weekly ad management

  • Weekly campaign reporting

  • Analysis and optimizing for best performance

We will need to discuss your overall business goal and targeting to understand your needs. Each clinic is a little different here with budget and ad spend resources. We can go in many different creative ways here.

You are agreeing to pay the minimum of our Ad Management Services which is $500.00. Our rates reflect the Ad Spend of all our clients at a minimum $500.00 per month or 20% of that month’s ad spend.

After your first payment today, you will be billed on a month-to-month basis. No long term contracts are necessary.

I will reach out to you after the payment has gone through for an on-boarding call. You can schedule that directly here to simplify arranging a time for us to meet. Thank you again for your interest!