Micro Content Services


Micro Content Services

  • Have more time to dedicate to client management

  • Be able to focus entirely on what clients are asking you

  • Take questions from clients and plug them into an FAQ style development

  • Weekly meetings to understand analytics and post performance

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  • Social postings management

  • Content planning and staging

  • Long form video and podcast creation and editing

  • Micro content creation services

  • Analytic reporting

  • Lead magnets and Funnel development

  • 3 video max per week

By purchasing this GIG, you are guaranteed to have the creative delivered to you within 7 days. To see examples of our work, click here.

Please fill out the required form when purchasing. I will be calling you within 48 hours to go over any requirements and initial design requirements. This call will only take 30 minutes and will only be to be done ONCE. I will save all set up work and templates for any future design work we do for you in the future.