Email Marketing Holiday Special!

Email blasts are a thing of the past. They don’t perform well - BUT - email is not dead. In fact, it is the one marketing channel that can perform the best overall due to its ability to be more personable than a general ad or social post.

But who is going to manage the process and develop the content and will it be worth it?

That is why we developed this holiday campaign. Let us show you how we can get your current or targeted email list to engage and call your offices TODAY!

Our gift to you is our Holiday Social Media Management for 90 days!

Here is what we will deliver:

  • We will develop your ideal customer avatar complete with demographic profiling, interests, behaviors, and social activity

  • We will create your own separate email domain for email marketing purposes

  • We will help you develop the offer

  • We will build out a 3-5 custom email content sequence

  • We will also help you develop your outreach process around the email sequences

  • We will send you weekly reports for 90 days

What you will provide:

  • 1 hour kick off session

  • Additional corporate images, logos, graphics

That’s it! Let us take your social media over. We normally charge $500 per month to start for email marketing management.

Total cost for 90 days: $1000

Don’t delay! Offer Expires Dec 31, 2018

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