Every business is in a different phase of growth and needs different marketing efforts to align with their business needs.

You get your own dedicated brand and marketing manager to guide you every step of the way. Every month, you will work together to ensure all overall marketing efforts and goals are being met. Your manager is your project manager too. Making sure all creative, lead, and retention efforts are in place to satisfy business growth.

Every month you will discuss:

  • Current marketing activities

  • Current marketing analytics and measurement

  • Current promotions and offers

  • Lead generation efforts

  • Retention efforts

  • Optimization of current initiatives and how to improve in each area

With good strategy in place, the creative process is more aligned with business goals and performance. Why get locked into things you don’t need. One month you may need a creative piece you didn’t think about and instead of getting charged ‘ad-hoc’ per piece we roll it into the retainer price to match your needed budget.

We offer the following creative services:

  • Web design and maintenance

  • Social media page development and optimization

  • Social media management

  • Social media graphics

  • Email header graphics

  • Short video explainers and ad material

  • Digital brochures

  • Digital e-book covers

  • Digital whitepapers

  • Podcast management and creative

  • Facebook live management

  • Youtube live management

  • Blogs

  • Vlogs

  • Content Management

Your business will not thrive unless you build a constant pipeline of leads. What is most challenging about finding leads online is positioning the right content with the appropriate offer for your business. Your brand and marketing manager will work you to develop your customer avatar, your product offerings, and an outreach plan that can amplify the reach you need to be constantly adding to your prospect pipelines.

We offer the following creative services:

  • Customer avatar development

  • Product offering organization

  • Cold email outreach

  • LinkedIn outreach

  • Facebook outreach

  • Alignable outreach

  • Inbound marketing systems

  • CRM integration with Pipeline, Hubspot, or other preferred services

  • Lead magnet development and testing

  • Automated email workflows

  • Digital Marketing Ad Management

Retention starts, believe it or not, at the beginning of your relationship with a new client. From on-boarding and clear communication strategies, our brand and marketing manager will ensure the right sequences are in place to make sure your customer is always informed and getting personalized attention from your company.

We offer the following retention services:

  • On-boarding development

  • Email communication development

  • Newsletter development and management

  • Promotions, up-sells, and cross-selling opportunities

  • Customer testimonial and survey management