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Our digital marketing solutions help childcare centers, private schools, training programs, and universities to increase enrollment, and we can help yours as well. Our team of expert strategists and marketers will work with you to get started and be there every step of the way. Plus, with our experience in education marketing along with over a decade of data insights, we'll build and optimize your marketing plan to help you get more students enrolled in your schools and centers.

Search Advertising

Learn how ReachLocal's search engine advertising solution, ReachSearch, works to bring more leads to your local business! If you're new to PPC advertising, or just want more calls, emails, and form submissions from your search marketing efforts, ReachSearch delivers what you need.

Display Advertising

What's the difference between search advertising and display advertising? Do you need both to be successful? Find out in this video from ReachLocal! ReachSearch, ReachLocal's search advertising solution, and ReachDisplay, ReachLocal's display advertising solution, work together to help searchers find you online, grow your brand awareness, and get new leads.

Facebook Advertising

Watch the video to see how our expertise in social advertising and your local business - backed by our inclusion as a Facebook marketing partner- provide you with exceptional results and help your business grow. Our full-service Facebook advertising solution ReachSocial Ads puts your business in front of users who are most likely to become your customers.

Client testimonials

In this ReachLocal review, hear from the team at Orinda Academy, a private college prep school in Orinda, CA, that used ReachLocal's digital marketing solutions to connect with current and former students online, track their leads, and increase calls.

"We found that after we started working with ReachLocal, enhanced our online marketing efforts and had a greater online presence, that our inquiries increases, that people were responding online and we were getting calls that could be directly traced to our online presence."

- Ron Graydon, Founder & Head of Orinda Academy

Using ReachLocal (, the Safavi Institue was able to increase their monthly calls and online applications from search engine advertising. Hooman Safavi, owner, says, "ReachLocal brings a partnership to create growth and expertise you yourself don't have time for."

"ReachLocal brings a partnership to create growth and expertise you yourself don't have time for."

- Hooman Safavi, Safavi Institute

In this ReachLocal review video, we speak with Madelyne Rush, the guest services manager of the Museum of Life and Sciences in North Carolina. Madelyne explains how ReachLocal's services have helped them not only reach a larger audience, but also increase their lead generation by 24%.

“The campaign not only helped us expand our offerings, it also helped us rethink how we define ourselves.”
- Madelyne Rush, Guest Services Manager

Business Growth Assessment

Watch this video walkthrough where I show you a business growth assessment you can have - FOR FREE - to assess your ability to get clients through online digital marketing!