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We know how challenging it is to run a clinic or animal hospital and still struggle to have clients come in the door or call you. You have may have tried online advertising or simply avoided it because it seemed too complicated. The truth is, you don’t need to worry about the complexity with expert partners involved.

We recommend one of 3 options in your marketing strategy because your ideal family and pet owner are in more than just one area of the internet. To maximize your exposure and control your ad spend, our panel of experts will budget with you and manage your returns without you even needing to access an ad platform ever again.

Search Advertising

Learn how ReachLocal's search engine advertising solution, ReachSearch, works to bring more leads to your local business! If you're new to PPC advertising, or just want more calls, emails, and form submissions from your search marketing efforts, ReachSearch delivers what you need.

Display Advertising

What's the difference between search advertising and display advertising? Do you need both to be successful? Find out in this video from ReachLocal! ReachSearch, ReachLocal's search advertising solution, and ReachDisplay, ReachLocal's display advertising solution, work together to help searchers find you online, grow your brand awareness, and get new leads.

Facebook Advertising

Watch the video to see how our expertise in social advertising and your local business - backed by our inclusion as a Facebook marketing partner- provide you with exceptional results and help your business grow. Our full-service Facebook advertising solution ReachSocial Ads puts your business in front of users who are most likely to become your customers.

Client testimonials

Animal Emergency Service reviews the success of their online marketing and social media campaigns with ReachLocal. Their business has grown directly due to ReachLocal, after receiving more phone calls, more visits and more inquiries.

"Using ReachLocal's technology, we can see our results in real time. ReachLocal has brought so much to our business; we have grown beyond expectations since our campaign last year."

- Jodi Mackinnon, Animal Emergency Service

ReachLocal has helped All Pets Care Center veterinary office shift from traditional print advertising to online search engine advertising. Through ReachLocal's reports, All Pets can see how many how many site visitors and phone calls they get against their marketing budget, and use the phone calls as a customer service tool.

"It is so simple. We didn't have to go over proofs, it was just really easy. One thing that I really like is the fact that I get my reports in. I like to see who has hit the site in a week, how many people have hit it, how much money we've spent."

Robinswood Kennels moved from traditional media to ReachLocal to manage his search engine advertising. Since starting with ReachLocal, they have seen great results, and now it's the primary way they get new customers. "I knew I had to be online, but i didn't know how to do it. I tried Google Adwords on my own, but I wasn't getting the results I expected. Since I started with ReachLocal, my results have been great. Now it is the number one way I get customers."

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