How To Define Inbound Sales For The Small Business Owner

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For businesses to succeed in a highly competitive consumer market, it is crucial to know what inbound sales are

Inbound sales sells products and services the way consumers want to buy them. In order to capitalize on more leads, you need to know more than a definition.

The Internet Of Business

Every transaction imaginable is performed over the Internet: bill paying, job applications, research, entertainment, communication and even filing taxes.

Shoppers who end up at the mall have usually spent time performing pricing and product review homework online. The Internet has revolutionized the way we do business.

A website is a virtual salesperson. It informs consumers on what you offer, how much it costs, and how your product or service compares to competitors. Websites have empowered consumers.

Transform To Serve Empowered Buyers

Design a website that follows these steps to more effectively capture inbound sales:

  • Create a sales process that is simplified with the fewest steps necessary and offers a clear solution for every decision.

  • Support begins the moment a consumer logs on. The best solution is a real-time chat window feature.

  • Follow sound inbound sale methodology:

1. Identify the lead.

2. Connect with the customer.

3. Explore their interests.

4. Advise them of options.

Identify Active Buyers

Most consumers who log on to a website are already aware of their interest.

The inbound sales teams' job is to differentiate between an active buyer and someone browsing for information.  

Cold Connects

Inbound sales teams will still need to engage in cold emails and voicemails.

Prospects will be created by site visitors who provide contact information.

The goal is active buyer recruitment. By connecting regularly, a company reminds buyers of what they have to offer.

It is a form of outreach that can transform an interested buyer into an active buyer.

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