How do I reach more customers inexpensively?

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This is a great question if you are on a tight budget or a startup with limited resources to start with. An outreach program should have elements in place first before you answer the ‘how’ you are going to do it factor. We discuss this in depth with all of our clients. Make sure you know the following:

  1. Your customer avatar - (not your audience) Know who you are reaching out to and what your ideal client struggles with.

  2. Clarify your offers - Sometimes you may have a solution to your clients' needs but it’s not within a price range or not a good time for them. What else are you offering? Know this before you enter into the sales conversation.

  3. Develop your messaging - What message will resonate with your customer avatar? Do you show empathy and understanding before you are pitching? This is vital to construct and dependent on the work you put into step number 1.

Just knowing these 3 things is a good start to reaching your customers. Why? Because if you use a general message to a general audience you are going to get weak and possibly small results.

Social media is a good place to start for free but if it’s not done right it can be a huge waste of your time which also comes as an expense. We find that Facebook Messaging, Instagram Messaging, Twitter Messaging, and LinkedIn are highly effective for direct reach but you must be careful not to be too spammy and sales oriented. The approach is of extreme importance to provide value and ask a ton of questions about what the business is experiencing before entering into a consultation conversation.

You can also hire a VA (Virtual Assistant) to compile a list of ideal clients to start a cold email outreach program that is also very inexpensive to start. Again, you must develop a sound messaging strategy for this to work and be prepared to test several scripts. We have found many that have higher engagement rates because they start out as connection messages than anything else and this puts more recipients of the email at ease.

If you want to try cold- calls those are also effective but - BE CAREFUL. This is the most interruptive form of outreach and can damage your brand. Your approach and messaging should be well thought out with a value offer in mind that is not your core offer but something you could give away for free.

These are what I would recommend as approaches to try for free or virtually at low costs and minimal commitments before entering into ad campaigns or paid advertising.

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