In your business, do sales and marketing teams collaborate on content?

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Sadly no. I agree with a previous post that the reason for this is pre-internet driven.

Today, using online channels such as LinkedIn or Twitter is necessary both on the marketing and sales side to keep connecting with prospects.

The lines are blurry between attracting a lead in the funnel (something that seems a waste of time for sales) and attracting a sales-ready lead (something that most sales believe a lead really is).

I think that is the biggest reason marketing and sales teams fail to work together. In some cases, it is also because they are driven by different KPI’s.

Marketing focuses on asset performance like ads, blogs, and posts metrics with lead generation as a key focus. Sales are driven by the ABC’s of sales (Always Be Closing) and the sales quota set by the sales department.

One key way to get both to work together is to draft a good SLA (Service Level Agreement). Lots of research and resources on Google for this.