Pillar Content Marketing Explained

I believe Pillar Content Marketing is going to be the next wave in digital content marketing. Today, social media is really hard to measure but if you're not involved in any social media channels you are more than likely not getting the market share that you deserve.

There is a gentleman by the name of Gary Vaynerchuk. A self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur, who built a wine business from 3 million to 60 million dollars off the backbone of YouTube - in the 90s! And now we're here in 2019, and businesses have not yet evolved to in order to really get the attention of the audience.

Our audience is maturing. Have you noticed that our social media fees are getting cluttered and getting noisier? Just because we want to put out content doesn't mean we're doing the right thing. Pillar content marketing allows you to navigate your way through topics and titles so that you can get the most for your content delivered in the way people want to consume it.

"Social media feeds are getting cluttered and getting NOISIER"


Start using video and get in front of a camera! Start creating a message and make sure the message resonates with your persona. Create a persona - one that persona has pain points. That persona is your ideal client, and once you understand those pain points create topics around those pain points.

The topics you come up with are your categories. For example, if you create a YouTube channel then create channels and topics around the pain points that you know your avatar will want to consume.

We are trying to build media companies within a company - that is my mantra!


I want to help the small brand get out of being a traditional content marketer and into being a more Pillar Content Marketer.  Pillar Content Marketing is taking a pillar piece of content that we know is going to resonate with your ideal audience.

How does that work? Ok, create a video that's going to be educated and informative to your ideal client. When you create that video do something with it. Break it up into micro pieces of content. What are micro pieces of content? Podcasts, blogs, previews or mashups of a video, image quotes, shareable quotes, etc.

I have to give credit where credit is due. Gary Vaynerchuk put out an article for free and gave away his entire marketing plan. So, why would you want to develop more content marketing when I just said social feeds are getting noisy?

I believe that marketing is headed in a way where it should be created around a show format. Let's use an industry as an example - Veterinary Services. I have an American Bulldog and a Shiba Inu and we have recently become very active with our dogs.

I believe that by owning a dog I started to come up with a lot of questions that pet owners have. For example - how do I house break this dog? What kinds of shots and immunizations do I need?

There are so many different ways to create content. I choose to be in front of a camera. You could do whiteboard drawings or you could do just basic explainer videos but it needs to be content where you are teaching and it's your original content.

"Create a video that is going to be informative and educative to your ideal client."


So, come up with pillar content, create the channel, start creating long-form pieces of content, break them up into small pieces of micro-content and distribute those across your channels.

The next part is to listen. If you're in a business that has a service and you want to explain why that service is valuable, there is your unfold of educated content. When we create the brand audience, we can now market to that audience.

To summarize, Pillar Content Marketing is exactly that - understanding your audience. It is narrowing down a target persona and figuring out what pieces of content you can write or create videos about. Create your pillar content pieces. I would suggest committing to once a week and from there, break it up into multiple pieces of content.

These micro-pieces of content are going to be your weekly posts. Stop sharing articles that you know aren't getting you any traction. Stop sharing pictures from your office that isn't producing context around your proposition values.

Listen to your audience and start engaging with them. Figure out what pieces of content perform better than others.

If you need any help and need a quick consultation, please don’t be shy in reaching out to me. I am available by phone, text, email, or chat. I hope you have a great day and enjoy the rest of your time building your dream business!