How Veterinarians can use Pillar Content Marketing

In this segment, I will discuss some ideas of how the animal health industry, including veterinarian clinics, can begin to use video in their business practices

The number of people who use YouTube is a little over 1.3 million users. There are over three hundred hours of video that's uploaded to YouTube every minute! Almost 5 billion videos are consumed every single day. In an average month, 80% 18 to 49-year-olds who are on the internet watch videos.

Youtube is the second largest search engines in the world. So how can veterinarians and animal clinics do a better job of posting videos to attract and engage their ideal audience and to help more animal owners?

3 things you should know before you create your first video  

Number one. Know who you're talking to

It’s been proven that targeted messaging performs better over a mass marketing messaging style. Creating a templated message falls short of creating value if you are trying to grow your followers on social networks.

Do you know your ideal customer well? You may have several ideal customers. For instance, a veterinarian clinic may have dog owners, cat owners, or farm animal owners - all who have a different need to attend your clinic.

It’s important to make the distinction early on and dive deeper into who these Persona or Avatars are for messaging purposes. Are these owners of a certain economic background? Are they of a particular gender or cultural background? What do they do for a living that impacts them as animal owners? What drives them personally and professionally?

Number two. Create content consistently

Once you understand your Personas or Avatars, you now have a more sharpened focus on what content to develop. Yet, what is more important is not to fall short on producing this content.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or highly produced. I believe most veterinarians are busy. One way to make sure you start producing this content is to put it on your calendar. Commit to once a week to create informative videos for your channel.

You will see more videos on my channel about how to do that later on. Subscribe to my social channels to see more content around producing content the easy way.

Like I mentioned before, I think the reasons veterinarians don't create videos on their own is because takes too much time, they don't have the right equipment, and they're not set up in their clinics to do these types of videos.

However, this shouldn't be an excuse not to create content videos or a video channel to help educate your consumer audience. Everyone nowadays has a camera on their phone and a way to produce Youtube style videos. So, don’t let that stop you.

Number three. Don't sell

Remember, you are literally creating a TV show-like experience. You wouldn’t see a network start selling products during an episode right? The same goes for your channel. Make it valuable and informative. You’re the expert and people that are willing to learn more will want to hear from an expert rather than from an ad or marketing.

In summary, not every topic will be about Animal Health. This can be an optional tactic, but an important one not to omit. For example, if one of your ideal clients is a stay-at-home mom with a large family and runs many errands throughout the day, spending little time at the house, an interesting topic for them might be to find ways to spend more quality time with their animals.

You certainly want to make your videos look professional and appealing but don't overthink it. There are so many videos on YouTube that perform well because the content that's provided over matches the quality of production in the video.

You can certainly look up tips on lighting, Audio, Sound, and staging but it should not be the reason to postpone putting together a YouTube channel. Just remember, you will never put out perfect content.

Use a pillar content marketing method. I use this with my clients every week and have seen dramatic results from creating videos for them on their YouTube channel. Each topic that you create a video for is a pillar piece of content. Using this production method allows you to get as much ROI (Return on Investment) from your videos.

For every video you create, you can break that video down into micro pieces of content. For example, you can strip the audio from the video and create a podcast. You can also take the text from the video and turn that into a Blog article. Additionally, you can create social images like image quotes, gifs, mashups, and the more popular Stories for Instagram and Facebook.

I hope this helps you identify ways you can build a brand audience. Brand audiences are going to be important drivers of marketing and sales because it allows you to have deeper conversations with your customers.