5 Ways to get motivated for work! Especially Mondays!

Are you coming from a long weekend or one of those weekends where you hit Sunday night and the feeling of going to work is a cold bucket of ice water?

1. Identify the problem

"Even art gets up at 8:00 am on Monday."

We all have different reasons for WHY For some of us, it may be leaving our spouse and children behind for the day. For others, it may be that we find no enjoyment in our jobs. Still, others may simply hate leaving the cozy comfort of their beds.

Identify what it is that you hate so much about getting up and going to work. Then, you need to make a change or come to terms with this problem.


2. Early to Bed Early to Rise

It may be that you don't sleep enough or that you sleep too much. National Sleep Foundation, most working age adults (adults 18-64 years old) should get 7-9 hours of sleep a night.

EXPERIMENT: If you have a job that allows for a flexible start time each morning, go to bed early and see when you naturally wake up. This is a good way to find out how much sleep you need each night and waking up naturally (instead of to the jolting screeches of an alarm) can be incredibly pleasant.


3. It is the weekend, relax

You haven't actually given yourself a break - you are rundown from the last work week which somehow extended into your weekend.

Give yourself time to recharge is absolutely essential to maintaining your motivation and quality of work.

Unplug for the weekend when you can.

This is not shirking your duties

4. Plan Ahead

What does your Monday morning look like? Before you leave the office on Friday, make a list of what you want to accomplish on Monday.

Revisit your list Sunday night before bed

5. Get Creative, Get Analytical, Get Monotonous

All of us are motivated by different things, or you may not NEED any motivation at all.

Maybe all you need to get yourself going is a creative project. Maybe you need your favorite number crunching to happen. Maybe you need that comfy corner of the room or the office to zone out.

Make Monday a day you get focused and motivated for the right reasons. I hope this helps you beat your Monday blues!