7 ways to beat the Monday Blahs

As professional and business owners motivation is like oxygen - without it we cease to exist. We need motivation like fish need water and I found this article that enhances this belief even further.

It's an article on successful-blog.com by Liz Strauss (https://www.successful-blog.com/1/the-top-7-ways-to-motivate-yourself-even-on-mondays/) and she talks about seven ways we can beat the Monday blahs and how we can actually face Mondays and overcome its obstacles.

1 Feel all of your senses with amazing experiences.

Liz says to let your DNA have a chance to be part of what you're doing. It's no accident nature puts on such a great show at sunrise.

It inspires, invigorates, and motivates human beings. As part of her analogy, when I cook I feel like I am using my senses and experiences and that I really want to put myself into the actual cooking experience.

I love cooking for my family and I love cooking for friends. It is a big chore but when I think about cooking I think about what it's going to come out like. It is something that is so important.

I even feel like this when I can take the dogs for a walk or when I'm working out or even when I finally settle in on the couch after a long day. Just being totally present in my body and in my DNA and how it feels to be doing each one of these things.

I think that is what Liz is trying to explain when she says to feel all of your senses.

2 Live everyday as a quest

Work is work but a quest is valiant and noble. So what if everyday was do or die? What if everyday was a noble mission? I think this is important for business owners because we are taught when setting up a business plan what your mission statement should be about and I feel like plenty of times the mission statement gets overlooked.

This is what makes us noble. This is what makes our mission as a business owner relevant to having to go through the trials and tribulations of business ownership.

So if I live everyday as a quest it helps because every day has challenges and there's no way you can continue to stay motivated to beat these challenges if you don't feel like your work is noble.

3 Work at your best learning level  - your challenge sweet spot.

Challenges that fall equally between anxiety and boredom inspire us.

This is a big deal for me. I have a learning style that is predicated upon learning many things at once. In fact, I juggle having to stay focused especially in the marketing industry when there are very shiny things to take our focus away. As marketers we experience the shiny object syndrome and, of course, this is definitely something that we have to overcome.

Working at your best learning level is important. If it's not challenging enough, it’s boring but the sweet spot is also feeling like you can reinvent yourself.

Gary Vaynerchuk, a very famous business owner himself and marketer, describes that we should be putting ourselves out of business and figuring this out before someone else does. This falls in line with this principle and is an important one for us to know as business professionals.  

4 Know that almost any work can be motivating

Turn the work itself into an art form and make it a game. Imagine that you are onstage or you have a documentary videographer following you around with a camera. How would you act if you could see your every action?

Imagine that you are publicly visible in your customer interactions or employee interactions. This could be something that could be televised or up on stage for everybody to see. How would you act?

Everything that we do should have this game mentality or even a public display mentality for it to remain motivating.

5 Get curious and confident

Be aware and notice things Liz says.  

I grew up as the son of an immigrant to both my mother and father from Mexico and Argentina. I am a first-generation in the United States and many of my relatives live in other countries.

I remember I used to have them come to visit or I would go visit them. One thing I started to notice is how curious my cousins were when they came to the United States. These were things that I would take for granted.

Being curious really is seeing the world with a new lens. I feel like this is really a good point to make because sometimes we get so stuck in our routines that we don't notice how we are surrounded by different experiences.

6 Stop listening to the voices in your head

Those voices undermine determination and focus. This is so true for me personally. I think we were all programmed differently because we were all raised differently and by different sets of parents and different environments.

Sometimes the voices in your head are good ones and sometimes they can also be bad ones. They can suppress you and make tell you that you're not good enough or that today is going to be a bad day.

These are voices that we have to learn to reprogram actively. I read of professionals who talked about this and they stated in their research and in their practice that the only way to combat some of these voices were to replace them with other voices of your own.

In order to accomplish this, you must be repetitive. It could be in a written form that you need to write your voice structure down and or in sticky notes.

You may want to record it and play it every day. You may want to read your notes out loud daily to combat those voices.

Write and speak of inspiring things to tell yourself that you are great.

For business owners, this is incredibly important because these bad voices tell you that your next failure is going to put you under or that you shouldn't fail at all. The truth is, sometimes, we are going to fail. We are not going to hit our mark. Sometimes our businesses go up and down and that's part of the nature of the business.

But it's how we come back that that's important.

7 Appreciate your ability to choose to be in a good mood and appreciate the people who respond to that good mood in good ways.

So give a few extra smiles and thank you’s to the folks who try to steal energy from you.

I was raised very differently from my wife. Comparatively,  my wife is the one who's constantly in a good mood or on the outside does a very good job of inspiring others by being around her.

It's no surprise that even though she is an introvert, she has many people who want to be around and it's very easy to succumb to negative moods or to a mood that doesn't display public positivity.

That's important for us to all keep in mind as we come across every Monday. It is the day we all go back to work and it may not be the best day of the week but we have to somehow overcome that by choosing to be happy and giving those extra smiles to the ones around us.

I hope that you take some of this advice and make it your own and give it some thought and practice. I wish you the best and I hope that we all work on having a better Monday in the future.