How Veterinarians (virtually anyone!) can use Trello for Content Management

For those of you not familiar with Trello, I need to explain it using a metaphor. Trello is a project management app built much like a post-it workflow board. Imagine a blank board where you create lists. Under each list heading you begin creating “sticky notes” or “post-it” notes under each list.

In one list, you may have “Ideas” as the title. The other could be “Started”, then “Needs Reviewed” and finally “Finished”. As you create a note on the board, you begin moving the notes through each corresponding list to completion.

What is cool about Trello is the uses seem endless.

For each “sticky note” that you create in Trello, this is where the magic happens. First, much like the scenario, I described earlier, you create a list in a board. Each board has a title and each list has a unique title as well. For example, let’s say you want to create a travel itinerary for a vacation this summer.

You would create a board called “Trip to San Francisco”. On that board, you would create lists such as “To Do”, “Doing”, “Done”, “Activities”, “Dining and Drinks”.

Now that you have your board and your list created, it’s time to start researching and creating. Your ideas and research are all contained within a card - the “sticky note” from my earlier example. Each card has the ability to do a number of things. You can add a description. For example in our Trip to San Francisco board, you can create a card called Book Car Rental.

Once you create that card, you can open it and assign due dates, checklists, members to take over the task, attachments such as images, files, and videos, etc. You can invite team or family members to help out as well!

How to use Trello for Content Management

Now that you have an idea of some of the basics of Trello, for content managers, this is where Trello goes on hyper speed!

I am going to pull back the curtains and show you my content management board that I use to manage my content for my agency. But first, you need to know a bit of my strategy. I am using a Pillar Content Marketing strategy to manage my content.

What is Pillar Content Marketing? I am glad you asked!

Pillar Content Marketing is a system I borrowed from an article created and shared by Gary Vaynerchuk. To see his full process of how he creates content for his brand, click here

I explain the process in full in this video:

In short, we create pillar pieces of content or main content in video form and break these down into micro pieces of content that we repurpose in different media formats to share in social media.

We manage this process in Trello. Our basic process is to begin with a board called Content Ideas. In this board, you can see various different titles we came up with that associated well with the interest points from our buyer personas.

If you haven’t created a Buyer Persona and need help with how to do that, stay tuned for a future video on building a Buyer Persona.

For each list that we have identified, we create cards of future content titles based on interest and keyword research.

Separately we create a board called Content Management. From here, we format this around what our Youtube page will look like. In Youtube, your main page is able to show playlists on the first page. This performs well when visitors first land to explore your content.

In our case, the lists represent different topics of interest and we designate days that we post content here. Why? Because we want people to associate days of the week to how we post much like a television show. This makes is attractive and engaging to follow and we even add the day of the week and a hashtag in the title to follow.

So for each list that is a show topic, these cards that are on a separate board (our Content Idea board) can be moved on to this board to a respective list. But first, we need to create the secret sauce card called the Template card to each list.

This template card adds the magic and saves you extra steps and time in the process. When we add a card to the show list, this represents a show in the queue. What that means is that there will be certain tasks we must perform to create and distribute the show. So we create a checklist in the template card. This allows us to copy these tasks to corresponding cards in the list.

Now we have a scalable process that we can assign to our team. So if we have a video team, our team lead can take over in that process.

Once the video is in final form, we assign our creative team tasks to develop creative assets such as mini video clips, image quotes, memes, GIFS, or whatever else has been defined in the creative process.

After all creative assets are built out, we can hand that over to our social media team to write and schedule the posts.

Voila! This is how you can create weeks worth of content from 1 single video all managed in Trello!

If you want a more detailed understanding of what the Pillar Content Marketing can do for your business, you can download a comprehensive guide and pricing sheet here

So what method do you use to create and distribute content for your company? If you have a resource you can share in the comments below I would love to hear from you and learn what system you have in place.

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