6 Traits veterinary leaders must possess

Hello and Happy #MondayMotivations! I hope you are starting April with a jump on the fools jokes! Don't get spoofed!

Ok, so I want to start directing motivation and focus with my veterinarian community out there - especially owners and clinic managers.

Your work is extremely important to make any promotion efforts or content development important because without excellent leadership in place, the patients will end up feeling that results of below standard service and experiences.

We want to avoid that at all costs.

So I came across these 6 traits veterinarian leaders and mangers must possess to enhance their clinic and service staff.

1. Provide a Vision

Providing a vision for your entire veterinary team is the single most important role of the practice owner. Share your goals for the practice, so employees can share in the common effort.

2. Establish an Organizational Structure and Lines of Communication

Your organizational structure will vary depending on the size of the practice and number of employees. Take time to research different organization charts online to find what works best for you practice.


3. Be a Role Model

This is very important! As the owner and doctor, you have a huge influence on the culture of your practice. Your staff will look to you as the leader to set what is acceptable and expected. Practice owners that display outbursts of anger, make snap decisions with little regard to the outcome for the staff, or demonstrate inconsistencies in client service will not be as respected by the team.

4. Inspire and Motivate

The definition of leadership is to “inspire, influence and guide others to participate in a common effort.” Good leaders don’t just bark orders or hand out commands with no explanation.

5. Delegate and Empower

Good leaders surround themselves with the right people in the right jobs. Having the “right” team allows you to lead rather than just manage. For veterinary practice owners, this starts by hiring an effective manager or administrator.


6. Effective Time Management

Part of being an effective leader includes effective time management. If you spend most of your time fielding complaints and reacting to problems, this may be a sign that you are not delegating effectively or empowering team members.

These tips come from the article source on www.liveoakbank.com

I hope these tips were valuable for you and I hope you lead your team in a productive April. Happy Monday!