What Are Some Good Veterinary Marketing Ideas?

Veterinary marketing is one of the single most important components of running a business. Your practice needs attention in order to thrive, and as a busy veterinarian, it can be difficult to find the time. Here are a few helpful veterinary marketing ideas to help your clinic attract new clients and keep old ones.   

1 Utilize Social Media

With 2.3 billion people using social media, promoting your clinic on Facebook or Twitter is a great way to engage with both current and prospective clients. Posts that include images, as well as posts featuring contests, are very likely to be shared and therefore are great ways to spread the word of your business.

2 Send Out Reminders

Many pet owners forget when it's time for their pet's regular check-up, so sending out a friendly reminder either by direct mail or e-mail is a great way to drum up repeat business. Sending out personalized seasonal cards is also helpful for fostering client relationships.

3 Create A Loyalty Program

Not only do loyalty programs make the customer feel welcome, but they also promote company growth. Loyalty programs have been proven to boost sales, while simultaneously making the customer happy by offering them points, coupons, discounts, or freebies after a certain number of visits.

4 Host A Seminar

Offering a seminar on animal health and welfare is a great way to interact with the community and show that your staff is professional, knowledgeable, and caring. Some topics for seminars include CPR and first aid for pets, choosing the right food for your pet, and pet vaccinations.

5 Network With Other Businesses

Cross-promoting your services with other company's services is a huge way to attract new customers. Other pet-related businesses such as grooming salons, pet stores, dog obedience schools, and dog walking businesses are good places to start when looking to cross-promote.  

6 Display Customer Testimonials

Most customers are very willing to write a testimonial after having a great experience with your practice. Displaying positive customer testimonials on your website, brochures, social media pages, and other ads show potential clients that your practice is dedicated and trustworthy. Your reputation is key.

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