Out-of-the-box Marketing Ideas for Veterinarians

The Veterinary business is just as competitive as any in that you need to work hard to establish customers and retain them. People not only want a veterinarian that is affordable, but they want one they can trust. However, you can't afford to give all of your customers hand-outs, so here are a few out-of-the-box marketing  ideas for veterinarians:

1. A Health Report Card for Your Pet

This modifiable tracker for your customer will help you not only by encouraging repeat business, but it will make your job easier as the customer will be held more accountable to their pet's health. For example, perhaps you are working on a dog's dental hygiene. If the customer shows improvement every month, perhaps you can reward them after 6 months with a free box of dental treats.

2. Offer Free Seminars or Videos Regarding Pet Wellness for Registered Customers

This may initially seem expensive, but there are all kinds of apps available for iPhone and Android that can help you make a professional video. Your local art school is also very likely to feature many students who would do a project like this for their portfolio. You could feature 2-3 minute videos about exercise, food choices, or seasonal allergies. This one-time investment of time or money is recyclable and will give your customers a greater sense of nourishment.

3. Host Meet-and-Greets

For dog owners, socialization is one of the most important aspects of training. Hosting meet-and-greets on your property is a great way to help owners achieve the socialization of their animal, and a great way for you to spread your name!

Have you tried these, or do you have other ideas to share? Please contact us and let us know!