6 Tips for Using Content on Social Media to Market Veterinarian Clinics

There's more to social media than posting cat pictures. If done correctly, however, those adorable cat pictures will generate leads for your veterinarian clinic.

What Not to Do on Social Media

There are a ton of businesses on social media, most of which have little clue how to use social media to generate leads and improve sales. In fact, many businesses actually repel potential customers by committing these two mistakes.

  • Pitch the business incessantly. This annoys your social media friends and followers. Annoying your friends and followers is bad for business.

  • Eliminate curiosity. Giving too much information in your social media post or profile gives no reason for potential customers to find out more.

How to Use Content to Market on Social Media

So if you're not supposed to pitch your product over and over on social media, what should you be posting? Valuable Content.

Here's how to do it effectively.

1 - Know your audience.

Different social media platforms have unique demographics. Facebook users, for example, aren't going on Facebook to buy something. Women are more likely to use Pinterest than Twitter.

Align your social media platforms to your target audience and align your social media posts to social media demographics.

2 - Provide value.

People don't go on social media for sales pitches.

They go for value. Value posts include pictures (of adorable cats or other animals), quotations, information for pet owners, or links to informative blog posts about a topic your target audience wants to know about.

3 - Provide calls to action.

With all that value you're providing, people will want to know more. "Check out this blog post" or "Get this free guide on pet dental maintenance" provides value and gets people to your website.

Not every post needs a call to action. In fact, too frequent calls to action could put your business in the repelling customers category.

4 - Use tools for consistency.

One of the more difficult aspects of running a social media campaign is posting consistently. You'll want to schedule your social media posts.

Some platforms, such as Facebook, allow you to schedule from the application. For others, such as Twitter, you'll need to subscribe to a tool that will schedule posts for you.

5 - Use tools for followers.

In addition to social media scheduling tools, there are social media tools for getting followers. Use them to build a following faster.

6 - Optimize your profile.

If you're providing value, people will want to know more about you and your clinic.

They're going to click on your social media profile to get that information, so it better be good.

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