Veterinarian Marketing: The Benefits of Building an Email Marketing List

A primary advantage content marketing has over traditional marketing is the ability to generate targeted leads as opposed to simply broadcasting a message to a general audience.

Reaching Your Target Audience with Traditional Veterinarian Marketing

Let's say you run an ad for your veterinarian clinic on local radio. It will reach a lot of people, but how many of those people are pet owners? How many are pet owners whose pets need vaccinations? How many are pet owners whose pets need spayed or neutered? It's almost impossible to know, but the guess is not a high percentage.

That's the problem with traditional marketing. You reach a lot of people, but you're not necessarily reaching a lot of people in your target audience.

Reaching a Target Audience with Content Veterinarian Marketing

One day Fido's owner is searching the Internet for ways to motivate her dog to exercise more. She comes across an article on exactly that topic on your website. And while she's reading that article on how to motivate her dog to exercise, she notices more great content and a special offer--a free e-book on preventative health care for dogs.

All she needs to do is sign up with her email address and the free e-book will be sent to her inbox along with your monthly newsletter.

You have just used content to market your veterinarian clinic. And now that you have her email address, you have access to an individual in your target audience.

Building an Email List

Imagine if you had a list of hundreds or thousands of individuals in your target audience who have requested that you send them something of value on a regular basis.

This is the magic of building an email list. Here's what your list contains.

  • The email addresses of targeted and qualified leads, of people who are interested in your products and services

  • The email addresses of individuals who want you to communicate with them

The Benefits of an Email Marketing List

It's important to keep in mind what when using email, or any other form of content marketing, your primary objective is to provide value. An email list allows you to do the following.

  • Build connections, trust, and relationships with your audience

  • Provide value and information continuously

  • Market and promote your business and products

  • Connect your list with products and services they're already looking for

How to Build An Email Marketing List

All the benefits of having a list sure sound great, but how do you build one? It requires putting a content marketing plan into action and using that content to get people to sign up with their email.

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